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Businesses large and small need a partner on their side, someone they can trust to be open and honest about the complexities of today’s marketplace and someone who can think creatively about the future. Businesses need a partner that has the ability to grasp a strategic view and implement actions that will attain desired results.

At WR-Martin, we are that partner.

Our professionals are more than consultants. They become a member of a client’s team, blending seamlessly with the client organization, embracing values, and earning trust internally and externally. We focus on recognizing and creating value, which in turn, can create profit for the client.

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Event Planning

Our marketing and communications team has a wide-range of experience with planning client events. From developing the marketing strategy, designing the promotional materials, and identifying the target audience, to locating the appropriate venue and menu logistics, our team has a successful track record of executing your event, whether casual or opulent, big or small.

By adhering to our client’s budget, we are able to encapsulate the goals and objectives that your organization seeks. This is your opportunity to connect with stakeholders, reach new target markets, and gain support and future engagement.


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Market Strategy and Positioning

Your message must be clear, concise and reach as many potential clients as possible. Martin-McGill can help you develop a market strategy and position your message in ways that engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Our marketing professionals will become part of your team in order to develop a marketing strategy custom fit for your enterprise. We will discuss how to best package your products or services and bring them to market. Your potential customers are internet users, social media followers, newspaper and magazine readers, billboard gazers, TV watchers, and radio listeners. We will position your brand by developing strategies that curate your message across multiple platforms.

At Martin-McGill, we will help you develop, implement, and monitor your market strategy and positioning efforts today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Research and Benchmarking

In order to understand your company’s performance, as compared to your competitors’, companies must develop a method of research and benchmarking. Martin-McGill will work with your organization to implement research and benchmarking practices that identify key metrics to compare with other organizations. We will help an organization identify areas of underperformance and accelerate the process of change based on the successful models of other organizations.

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Sales and Business Development Planning

A business should focus on developing key sales and business development areas that drive the highest amount of growth and profit. Our professional team at Martin-McGill is well-versed in identifying these areas and implementing strategies that create client satisfaction and continued growth and profit for your company.

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Playbook and Plan Development

Change is inevitable in business. Organizations that deal with change productively and smoothly move ahead of competitors with ease. Martin-McGill will work with you to develop and implement a marketing playbook and plan that prepares you for the inevitable. We will help identify the processes and tools that allow your organization to stay ahead of the curve, thereby creating more opportunity and value for your business.

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Audience Identification and Messaging

Identifying the characteristics of your target audience and collecting information about their habits, needs, and preferences is essential to the success of your product or service. It’s more than targeting an audience, it’s about understanding your target audience. At Martin-McGill, will help you more clearly understand your audience by conducting demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and behavioral research on segments of the population in order to narrow and refine your message, thus creating more realizable impact for your potential customers.

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Development of Programs and Pricing Structures

There are many factors that go into the development of product or services programs and pricing structures. A business must consider costs, distribution methods, promotion efforts, competitors’ processes, and much more. Our experienced professional staff will guide you through the often daunting task of product or services program development and pricing that maximizes profit and keep your business moving forward.

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Outsourced Business Development Services

Executing a business development plan can be a daunting task for an organization with limited staff. In order to competitively and efficiently pursue business development opportunities, an organization needs an outside partner to identify potential prospects and cultivate viable prospects. We offer professional expertise and a data-driven approach to finding and securing future opportunities for growth in your organization. We also often serve as an extension of our client’s business development team and cultivate prospects on their behalf.

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Graphic Design (logo, ads, brochures, billboards, etc)

You have to look good and be understood. Clean, crisp, engaging design conveys a resounding message about who you are and what you do. At Martin-McGill, our graphic designers work with your business to develop logos, ads, brochures, billboards, and much more to get your message in front of potential clients and customers. We will partner with your staff to understand your products and/or services in order to curate a design approach that is true to your organization’s mission.

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Proposal Writing and Preparation Services

Proposals need to grab and hold the attention of prospective clients in order to be effective. Our staff writers have the experience to craft engaging copy that will stand out and rise above your competitors. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and effective communication in order to make sure your proposals are winning proposals. Do you need help crafting responses to frequent RFI/RFP/RFQ inquires? Call us today to see how we provide these services on demand for a variety of clients.

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Branding, Logo and Collateral Material Development

An organization’s identity carries as much weight as its ability to get the job done. Through innovative branding, logo, and collateral material development, our creative team will build an identity for your organization that conveys your expertise and keeps your message in the forefront of your clients’ minds.

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Everyone knows what advertising is, but not everyone understands how to use advertising in the most effective and efficient manner. From traditional platforms like print, radio, television and direct mail to progressive platforms like websites, email, blogs, and text messages, our advertising professionals will guide your organization to the best fit based on your target audience, budget and message, among other factors.

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Electronic Communications and Social Media

Building brand awareness and loyalty is essential in today’s marketplace. One of the most effective tools to make this happen is social media. Consistent and creative use of social media campaigns can take your brand to the next level and keep your message in front of new and returning customers. Martin-McGill will team with you to organize and execute social media campaigns that fit your needs.

Martin-McGill  offers other forms of electronic communication services, such as e-blast campaigns, website content, and website visuals. We also have the resources to evaluate analytics and increase traffic to your website and social media platforms.

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Exhibit / Trade Show Design and Facilitation

Exhibit and trade show design can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful show. Your exhibit should draw people in, encourage them to engage with you, represent your organization, inform potential clients, and differentiate you from your competitors. We have extensive experience designing exhibit and tradeshow materials and booth layouts that maximize your interaction with potential clients and create an engaging atmosphere.

In addition to design, our team has vast experience with facilitating these trade shows. Serving as your vendor liaison, provide inventory services, booth installation and dismantlement, client staff interaction, and daily opening and closing of the exhibit.

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Quality images are indispensable for any business. Whether in print or online, your photos need to deliver a message or emotion that resonates with clients. Our photographers at Martin-McGill possess the creative and technical skills to provide photography services that give any advertisement, proposal or website that extra layer of professionalism your clients expect.

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