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At WR-Martin, we partner with businesses to identify, plan for and solve a diverse array of issues facing businesses today. Our professionals will immerse themselves within your organization, become a part of your team and work with you to attain the goals and desired results that move your business forward, maximizing profit and reducing inefficiencies along the way.

Are you looking for a partner that will be a long-term ally? One you can trust to navigate complex issues? Do you need a partner that delivers fast, effective solutions? At WR-Martin, we provide professional management consulting solutions to solve the most challenging strategic, operational, and marketing issues facing organizations today. We thrive on solving problems and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Strategic Planning / Business Planning

Whether your business is in the start-up stages or in the Fortune 100, you need to develop a plan for the future. Martin-McGill will help your organization develop a business plan in the initial stages, a strategic plan that looks to continued growth in the future and identifiable goals to measure your success.

In any organization, it is important to have goals, a roadmap to attain those goals, and a solid operational foundation on which to build that roadmap. In order to move forward and tackle the unknown challenges that lie ahead, businesses need to have a well-rounded, comprehensive strategy in hand. Having a partner like Martin-McGill that can see things differently and identify uncommon opportunities is essential. Our team members work with leaders and executives to not only help tackle the current issues they face, but proactively plan for ones they may encounter in the future. As a trusted partner and advisor, we empower them to confidently lead through today’s trials, while looking ahead to prepare for tomorrow’s tribulations.

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Efficiency and Optimization Studies

Identifying inefficiencies in your business operations can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to see existing issues. At WR-Martin, we will take the time to uncover those inefficiencies and implement strategies that improve efficiency and optimize your supply chain and resources. Improving processes and preparing for change in the workplace is essential for a business today. Analyzing and redesigning workflows in an organization can optimize processes and automate tasks. WR-Martin will work with an organization to rethink and break down existing workflows in order to improve productivity and reduce expenses.

Our team of seasoned experts can quickly analyze the organization from the ground up to gain a clear understanding of what is currently happening. We use this information to set goals and develop strategies to help you reach your desired, more efficient end state. We drill these strategies down into action plans for execution in order for you to see the clear path for getting the work done.

At WR-Martin, we dig deep into the root causes of inefficiencies and then provide insights, strategies, and plans that help your organization be more effective and efficient. Our team members work with leaders and executives to not only help tackle the current issues they face, but proactively plan for ones they may encounter in the future. As their trusted partner and advisor, we empower them to confidently lead through today’s trials while looking ahead to prepare for tomorrow’s tribulations.

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Strategic Sourcing / Procurement / Outsourcing Evaluation / Vendor Selection

Sourcing and procuring the necessary materials and/or services essential to an organization’s operations can be a challenging and time consuming process. At WR-Martin, we work seamlessly as an extension of our client’s staff to navigate them through a streamlined sourcing process and drive to a decision that is backed by consensus quickly. Through decades of supporting clients to select the right provider, we have developed and documented strategies and methods to make these processes swift and efficient and drive solutions that produce the desired results.

You might have a company that doesn’t know where to start looking for savings and is in need of a spend analysis and sourcing strategy. Maybe you have a growing organization that desires to centralize procurement and contracting. Or maybe you simply have a specific clear objective that focuses on cost reduction, efficiency improvements or partnership in particular area, our team of seasoned professional can help. Our consultants leverage decades of sourcing and contracting experience to develop solutions that address your specific needs. Our services generally include, market research and analytics, benchmarking, supplier identification and vetting, RFI/RFP/RFQ creation and management, contracting/negotiation support, and implementation / transition project management.

For some businesses, not everything can be done in-house. A business often times must outsource essential services. When this happens, you will need a partner like WR-Martin to conduct research, interview potential vendors and find the best fit for your organization. Our professionals will work with you to use outsourcing to lower costs and enable you to focus on your core business objectives.

WR-Martin helps business professionals make sourcing decisions that are well-rounded and thoroughly explored.

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Project / Program Management

Managing projects and programs efficiently is essential to the success of any organization. From individual projects to whole programs of related projects, our professionals will work with your team to plan and implement successful strategies. Through our years of consulting, we have developed proven project / program management strategies that employ an effective mix of planning, communication, process, technology, training, change management, risk/readiness, and communication skills to seamlessly plan and execute projects on time and within budget.

Clients that use us for project management support on an ongoing process trust us to develop a realistic and cost effective plan and budget that will get them to their desired end state. Serving as a seamless extension of their staff, our associates identify, mobilize and manage client and external resources and then lead these resources through the tasks and milestones documented in the plan.

Whether you have a one-time project need or you need routine project management support, Martin-McGill is here to help. Many of the clients we serve, we support in an on call capacity, where they have needs that need to be addressed quickly. We serve as a flexible extension of their staff. We know our clients well and are very responsive to their ever-changing needs.

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Change Management / Training / Communications

Successful companies prepare for and embrace change. The process can be painful and alienating, but it can also mean the difference between success and failure. Martin-McGill will help position your company so that change translates into growth and opportunity. Our team will identify areas where change is essential and how to best implement training and communication across the organization in the most effective manner.

No matter how small or large the planned change is, it should not be taken lightly and should be well thought out, planned for, communicated, and trained on. Additionally, after changes are implemented, follow-ups, metrics tracking, and refining needs to occur. Martin-McGill can help you plan for and execute changes in your organization through developing a change management plan that addresses factors that are critical for change success, like stakeholder engagement, risk readiness, impact assessment, training, communications, performance metrics, and benchmarking.

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Organizational Design and Development

For any company to improve its capacity for solving problems and managing future change, it must have a definitive organizational structure and strategy. At Martin-McGill, we understand how blurred organizational lines, responsibilities and reporting relationships can hinder a company and even derail the best laid plans.

A clearly defined structure, with well documented roles and responsibilities enables people to understand the context of the work environment and envision their role in the larger effort. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities empower people to get the job done and achieve positive change and performance.

Is your current structure working for your organization, or does it leave you confused on who is doing what or wanting more from your team? Martin-McGill can assess your current organization and then craft a structure with supporting, well defined, and documented roles and responsibilities that will help you better achieve your goals. We also aid clients in developing and implementing a clear plan to transition the organization and people to the desired end state. Talk to us to see how some of our clients have embraced organizational changes that break down barriers, foster increased productivity, and clearly align to core business objectives.

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Team Alignment / Building

When the members of your team are aligned with the goals and processes of your organization, a business will move more efficiently towards its strategic vision and goals. But getting everyone on the same team can be challenging. Our professionals will identify areas of concern and facilitate team-building activities and exercises that break down barriers, build consensus, and align team members with what the organization is trying to achieve and how they are going to achieve it.

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Marketing, Branding and Graphic Design

Your message should sound clear and look engaging. The brand you create should be evident and thoughtful. Whether you are marketing your whole company or a specific product/project, Martin-McGill can assist you in realizing the impact of your marketing message.

At Martin-McGill, our in-house strategists, graphic designers, and copywriters will craft your marketing message and roll it out across multiple platforms. Our team will become part of your team in order to better understand your marketing opportunities. As trusted partners, we will illuminate your ideas and form them into a unified marketing plan. We have extensive experience in:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Electronic and Social Media
  • Communications
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