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Work Order Management Pricing and Work Flow Optimization Study


A leading nationwide facility management company was expanding its services beyond the commercial sector to provide services to customers in the residential sector. Through the Company’s reputation and demonstration of successful results in the commercial sector, a large real estate investment trust (REIT) hired the facility management company to manage its portfolio of more than 35,000 residential real estate holdings. The client understood that servicing clients in both sectors meant they would need to modify its commercially focused processes, technology, scope, pricing, and vendor relations approaches to meet the differing needs of the residential client.


In an effort to identify the variables and more closely align its current commercial practices with the residential customer’s needs, the facility management company sought assistance from WR-Martin to help the company streamline its pricing, scope, and processes for the work orders they were receiving on behalf of the REIT. WR-Martin developed an electronic catalog that could be loaded into the company’s work order management system that identifying all of the services that could be provided at a residence, along with their corresponding scope, price ranges, duration, and requisite labor. Additionally, our firm provided recommendations for process improvements to support the new catalog and training materials to help employees understand the new processes.


Check back with us shortly as the Client is currently in the process of preparing for implementation.