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Strategic Planning and Executive Retreat Facilitation


This Company was seeking a partner to craft an agenda for and to facilitate its annual Executive Leadership retreat. The focus of the retreat was to establish goals for the organization that would guide them in the coming year with improving customer and employee satisfaction and retention, as well as streamlining operations to create a more scalable solution.


WR-Martin was retained to facilitate the annual Executive Team Retreat, during which we lead the executive team through a series of discussions and hands-on workshops which helped illuminate the company’s current position and define the goals and objectives for the coming fiscal year. By facilitating productive dialog in the out-of-office setting, we enabled the executive team to focus in great detail on personnel, process, technology, and succession planning issues at hand that the team struggled to develop solutions for in the day-to-day work environment.


The outcome of the multiday retreat was a succinct document that enabled the team to clearly visualize the path ahead for the organization as a whole. The document outlined the executive team’s customer, shareholder, and employee goals and was presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  An additional benefit that came from this retreat was that, upon conclusion of the effort, the executive team was more closely aligned and collaborative than ever before and was ready to tackle the year ahead as a united group.