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WR-Martin Assists Local Government with Logo


With the creation of a new recycling center in Henderson County, the County was in need of a way to communicate to residents the ease of recycling and the variety of products that are accepted. They needed creative imagery that could be used on a variety of platforms, including an outdoor board, various promotional materials, a web ad, and a print ad. WR-Martin’s creative team assisted the County’s Public Information Office and the Department of Environmental Services in a creative solution for a logo that provided an easy-to-read message about how easy recycling is in the County.



WR-Martin created a logo that is a combination of the recycling symbol and an apple. Henderson County is known for their delicious apples and prolific apple orchards. The apple is also is a symbol for a healthy lifestyle and environment, which recycling encourages. The simplicity and cleanliness of the mark makes it easy to reproduce and allows it to be recognizable.

The creative team also designed an outdoor board and ads using icons for the acceptable products with a bright and clean headline and call to action. The simple and fun designs reintroduce an idea that they have heard before, that they should recycle.


The logo was printed on various collateral materials, including tents, recycle bins, and educational materials and is still in use.


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