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Macon County Economic Development Commission: Economic Development Marketing


Macon County Industrial Park in Macon County, North Carolina has a vacant 72,000-square-foot industrial facility. Macon County Economic Development Commission (EDC) has made it a priority to market this building to facilitate the attraction and establishment of a company that will create new, good paying jobs in Macon County.


Macon County EDC reached out to WR-Martin for assistance in creating a marketing campaign that would focus on increased visibility for this industrial site and economic development opportunities in the region.

WR-Martin’s economic development specialists developed a targeted campaign to implement in the Atlanta market as an initial step in a potentially larger campaign to showcase available industrial facilities in Macon County. WR-Martin performed market research and developed a list of qualified site consultants and economic development incentives professionals with a focus on manufacturing in the Atlanta region. WR-Martin identified and secured appointments with six organizations in the Atlanta area, where EDC representatives could conduct face-to-face meetings to market Macon County investment opportunities and available industrial facilities. WR-Martin coordinated the meetings and acted as the point of contact for Macon County EDC for trip planning purposes.


WR-Martin provided Macon County EDC with a complete trip meeting itinerary where meetings were geographically coordinated to make travel logistics as efficient as possible. The EDC reported having quality contacts and engaged in productive meetings to further its mission of promoting Macon County as a prime location to do business in southwestern North Carolina.