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City of Shelby Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades


The City of Shelby’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), built in 1965, had deficiencies which affected its ability to comply with its NPDES permit issued in 2010. In particular, the plant could not comply with the more stringent permit limits for Ammonia-Nitrogen unless it was upgraded. The City was given six years to become compliant, during which they received numerous Notices of Violation from effluent limitations and the permit with new restrictions.


In order to get the WWTP in compliance, a major component of the upgrade was allowing for additional aeration to achieve the new ammonia nitrogen removal requirements. The improvements, led by HDR Engineering, Inc., included aeration basin repairs / upgrades, an additional aeration basin, new splitter box, headworks facility improvements, new aeration blowers and piping, sludge holding tank rehabilitation, a new gravity thickener and piping, upgraded RAS and WAS pumping, and secondary clarifier improvements. WR-Martin wrote and submitted the successful application to the Division of Water Infrastructure for a Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan to finance the project. WR-Martin has also been involved in the administration of this loan and has assisted the City with the loan requisitions


The City of Shelby received loan funds in excess of $10,000,000 to complete the necessary system upgrades. This WWTP project will increase the level of treatment and meet the new requirements specified in the City’s discharge permit. The quality of the effluent that is released has been greatly improved, as well as the overall efficiency of the treatment plant process.