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City of Shelby Sewer Outfall


The City of Shelby had a wastewater treatment system that was aging, and major outfalls to the plant were nearing 50 years old. Many of these lines were structurally deficient and had hydraulic problems, which caused blockages, resulting in significant sanitary sewer overflows throughout the City’s entire system


An engineering firm was hired to provide engineering planning and design services for this project in order to make improvements and upgrade the collection system/outfall lines that carry raw sewage to the treatment plant. WR-Martin was engaged in the project to identify a funding source to implement the recommended improvements. Additionally, the firm completed a funding application to the State’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund. A 20-year, 0% interest loan was secured through this program, which enabled the City to carry out the project in a cost effective and timely fashion. WR-Martin has also been involved in the administration of this loan and has assisted the City with the loan requisitions.


The project replaced failing outfall lines and improved the system’s function of sewer flow to the wastewater treatment plant. This project resulted in many positive outcomes, specifically the prevention of sewer overflows and increase in system efficiency and function.