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Billing Software Selection Assistance for Harnett County


The Harnett County Department of Public Utilities (HCDPU) is a strategic regional water and wastewater utility that provides service to approximately 125,000 people in 17 communities and 6 counties, with over 37,000 water connections. They are one of the largest and most complex utilities in NC, with their systems, people and processes managing almost 30M in revenue annually. As a regional provider of high quality and dependable water and wastewater services to residents and businesses, HCDPU wanted to service its customers in the most efficient and effective manner as possible. Over the past decade, the HCDPU service area has grown significantly and the legacy processes and systems that were once adequate, were not meeting the needs of a utility of this magnitude and complexity. The platform that the County was currently using was implemented in conjunction with the County’s finance module 2 decades ago. Given the size and complexity of the utility today, the current solution was no longer meeting its needs.


Martin-McGill was retained to provide assistance with sourcing a new utility billing software solution. We decided to look at all of the systems and solutions in place such as, IVR, payment processors, asset management systems, customer web interface, lockbox solutions, outsource billing providers, etc. and determine the best path forward for the County to meet its needs. The client was very open minded and flexible during the process in order to come up with the most efficient and cost effective comprehensive solution for the County. This wider lens into the process will enable the client to reduce the number of service providers and streamline the process thereby providing better customer service and improving employee job satisfaction.


Martin-McGill developed and released the RFP which then generated 14 submissions. The initial 14 were narrowed down to 7 to perform a 2 hour webex product demonstration. From those 7, 4 suppliers were invited onsite for interviews. We are currently in the onsite interview process and will have updated results of the sourcing exercise soon.