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Martin-McGill is now WR-Martin

WR-Martin is a group of passionate, responsible, and reliable professionals who deliver solutions and produce results that create value for businesses and local government.


who we are…

With a diverse and rich history more than 28 years in the making – WR-Martin is a group of passionate and responsible problem solvers and advisors who sincerely desire to help those we serve. Our goal is to support our clients with building better communities and businesses through the services we offer. We care about the people, businesses and communities we serve and take pride in helping them realize their goals. We are your trusted advisor.

what we do…

Our professionals will partner with you and your team to provide a deeper level of expertise. We will identify strengths and weaknesses, drive out redundancies, improve performance and efficiency, and bring a new perspective to your business. We solve problems and are a catalyst for positive, productive change and growth in your organization.